Why Utility Trailers Make the Best Bike Haulers

June 21, 2018

Make more room for multiple bikes, plus gear, with Everlite Trailers

Mountain biking is a great activity that can be done with a group of friends or the whole family. However, transporting more than two or three bikes safely and securely can be a pain. Also, mountain bikes are often large and unwieldy in transit. So, to ensure you enjoy the ride to the trail, we suggest hauling your mountain bikes in an open utility trailer.

There are several advantages to using a utility trailer to transport your mountain bikes.

1. You can haul more bikes. If you normally take a couple of bikes on your trip, carrying them inside your vehicle, on a rack in the back, or on top of your car is doable. But, once you’re taking four or more, transporting them safely becomes more complicated. Depending on the size of the utility trailer, you can easily carry five or more bikes.

2. The bikes are contained. When you carry mountain bikes on the back or top of your car, it’s possible for them to fall off or be bumped in transit. In a utility trailer, the sides and gate contain the bikes, which means other vehicles won’t bump them.

3. There are several DIY ways to keep the bikes stationary. To keep your mountain bikes from bumping into each other, falling over in transit, or being damaged, you can easily create a stand out of wood, PVC pipe, or fork mounts. The internet, and Pinterest in particular, is full of how-to guides for bike racks that you can make yourself and attach to the floor of your utility trailer. Doing so will allow you to carry at least five bikes across.

4. A utility trailer has multiple uses. Not only can you haul your bikes, you can put additional camping gear and supplies in the trailer, leaving more room inside your vehicle for passengers, perishables, and personal gear. When you’re not on the trail, you can use the utility trailer for cleanups, moving furniture and equipment, hauling sporting gear, and transporting other toys, such as ATVs.

Tips for using your bike hauler: 

  • Tie bikes down securely. Even with a rack, you’ll want to tie down your bikes—and anything else you haul in an open trailer, with straps and/or bungees. When using straps, it’s best to secure both the front and rear of the bike, by the saddle, to minimize bounce. Everlite trailers come standard with loop tie-off rings, and you have the option of adding more. 
  • Protect the bikes from the elements. If you’re not going too far, you can often plan to drive to the trail in good weather. But if rain threatens, cover your bikes with a waterproof tarp before the final strap-down. 
  • Give the bikes some TLC. Make sure to wash and lube your bike when you get to your destination. This will remove salt and grime, getting the bike back in riding condition. 

An Everlite aluminum utility trailer is your best choice for all your outdoor adventures. Lightweight yet sturdy, Everlite single-axle and tandem-axle utility trailers can handle loads of gear—and the roads you’re traveling. Plus, each one comes with generous standard equipment and a ton of options. 

Contact your Everlite Trailer dealer before your next trail run, and make transporting your mountain bikes and equipment easier and more secure, leaving you more time for fun.