College Move-in Day Tips from Everlite Trailers

August 29, 2018

We’ll Show You How an Open Utility Trailer Can Get the Job Done

The college has been selected, the bedding and new wardrobe purchased, the computer and printer secured. Now it’s time to bundle up all of your child’s belongings—and your feelings—and move them into their college digs. But how? Everlite Trailers has a list of tips and tricks to make college move in day go smoothly and efficiently. 

1. Assess your transportation options. Assuming the college is within driving distance, you’ll need to decide if your car is big enough to haul all of your student’s belongings—plus passengers. One option is to take two cars, especially if your student has a vehicle and is allowed to bring it to school. Utility trailers are another option. Renting or even purchasing an open utility trailer will make it easier and safer to transport your child’s belongings. Keep in mind, they will be carting their stuff back and forth at least twice a year, and you can use the utility trailer yourself for all kinds of projects in between. 

2. Focus on the essentials. Your student likely won’t need heavy coats and ski equipment in August and September—they can bring winter gear back at Thanksgiving break. Likewise, it’s best to leave “just in case I need it” items at home; students can pick up most anything at a big box store near campus or order it online. 

3. Pack efficiently. Load a wastebasket with toiletries, stuff rolled up socks into shoes, pack items inside plastic drawers or storage bins. Wrap smaller containers with plastic wrap and tape to secure the items inside. Cover larger containers with garbage bags and tape or tie them closed. Label everything so you know where to start when the college move in begins. 

4. Load up wisely. Pack perishable or fragile items together and transport them in your car or tow vehicle. This goes for items sensitive to heat like candles and aerosol containers (that could burst). Pack an essentials bag (every day toiletries and a couple changes of clothes) and place it somewhere easy to access. Load heavy items, like the mini fridge, in the cargo area first and fill in around those. This will distribute the weight better for easier, safer driving. Be sure to secure the cargo with tie-downs and cover with a tarp to protect it all from weather and road debris. 

5. Be prepared. First, find out from the residence life office if they provide any help moving in (often the football team lends a hand) and whether or not there is an elevator in the building. Then pack a bag with a few essential tools, including: scissors, duct tape, a hammer, screwdrivers, removable wall hangers, a door stop (to keep the door open while you load the room) and cleaning supplies to wipe down the room before unpacking. If you have access to a dolly, that will save wear and tear on your back—and make unloading a breeze if you’re taking advantage of a utility trailer. 

Everlite Trailers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 60x8 to 78x14, so you can choose just the right one to meet your needs. Find out how an open utility trailer can help you with college move-in day—and many more hauling tasks—by contacting one of our Everlite Trailer dealers.