How-to: Utility Trailer Winter Storage

December 4, 2018

5 Tips for Properly Storing Your Aluminum Utility Trailer  

Many people use their utility trailers year-round. But if you have a seasonal business, like landscaping, or if you go away for the winter, or decide to put your trailer in storage for a period of time, there are some guidelines you should follow. This month, we’ve got five tips for storing your aluminum utility trailer safely—with maintenance steps to make sure your hauler is ready to roll when you take it out again. 

  1. Remove the batteries. Cold temperatures are tough on batteries, causing them to corrode and lose power. If your utility trailer uses batteries to power the hydraulics or emergency breakaway systems, for example, remove and store them indoors. It’s also a good idea to charge the batteries periodically to keep them in good working condition. 
  2. Jack it up. Letting the weight of your aluminum trailer rest on the tires all winter can result in flat tires come spring. To avoid tire problems—and stress on the suspension--jack up the trailer and place the frame on jack stands. Be sure to read your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations for placing your trailer on stands. 
  3. Lubricate and protect. Use grease or lubricant to coat all moving parts, such as the trailer hitch and hinges, especially if you store your open trailer outdoors. This will protect these parts from moisture—and therefore rust and corrosion—so your trailer is ready to roll when it emerges from storage. 
  4. Give the wheel bearings a spin. During regular use, oil-lubricated hubs coat the wheel bearings evenly as the wheels turn. But that doesn’t happen in storage. So, revolve your wheels every couple of weeks while the trailer is idle to prolong the life of the bearings.
  5. Store safely. Ideally, when you’re storing a utility trailer for the winter, you should keep it out of the elements, in a garage or carport. If an enclosed storage area isn’t available, cover the trailer with a tarp, preferably one that’s breathable so condensation doesn’t collect inside. Although some people place their trailer on its side to save space, this can be dangerous as the trailer can fall and cause injury or damage. Also, avoid getting under the trailer. 

Follow these steps for winter storage, and your aluminum utility trailer will be ready when it’s time to work! And, for more information on trailers and trailer maintenance, make sure to visit one of your local Everlite utility trailer dealers.