Everlite’s Guide to Buying a Utility Trailer: What to Look For

January 4, 2019

Almost everyone can benefit from owning a utility trailer. Moving, hauling yard debris, and transporting equipment are just the beginning of the practical uses for an open trailer. But, before you rush out to buy one, Everlite Trailers has a few tips for making sure you choose the right trailer for your needs. 

How will you use the utility trailer

This is actually a trick question. Why? Because once you have a trailer, you’ll realize how handy it is. Then, you’ll be hauling cargo you hadn’t considered before. Not only that, but your partner, your kids, and your friends and neighbors will have a lot of ideas about how they can benefit from your trailer, too. So, do some research and think about all the ways you might use a trailer, then focus on how you think you’ll use it the most. 

Go bigger than you think you need.

Once you’ve thought about all the possibilities, you’ll realize that bigger is better. Utility trailers come in a variety of widths and lengths, so there are plenty of configurations to choose from. On the other hand, review any size limitations you might have on local roads and also think about where you’re going to store the trailer, then choose the size accordingly. Tip: Unless you have a need for a particular width, it’s safer and more fuel efficient to go with a trailer that’s as wide as your tow vehicle. If you need more square footage, go longer instead of wider.

Single axle or tandem (double-axle)?

Either can work well, but when in doubt, consider going with the double-axle. Not only do two axles provide greater stability, but should you blow a tire, you’ll still have three good ones that can get you to the next stop.

Check the trailer’s load capacity.

What do you plan to tow most often and what vehicle do you plan to use for towing? There’s a difference between what a small SUV and a full-size pickup truck can haul, though the SUV is probably fine for most home uses. A dealer can help you figure out your vehicle’s towing capacity, then match that with the payload capacity of the trailer.

Focus on the details.

Once you know what size and payload capacity you’re looking for, it’s time to think about how you will load and secure your cargo. Look for a folding gate that doubles as a ramp to make loading and unloading easier, especially if you’ll be hauling motorcycles or heavy equipment. Also, make sure the trailer has adequate loops for tying down your cargo securely. Side rails will also help keep your cargo in place.

Now that you’ve thought about your utility trailer needs, visit your local Everlite Trailer dealer who can help you choose the best utility trailer to buy.