Why Utility Trailers Make the Best Tailgate Trailers

July 2, 2019

Utility trailers are known for their versatility; whether it’s hauling cargo, traversing tough terrain, or providing a multi-functional space for all sorts of jobsites and hobby types. That’s also why utility trailers make the best tailgate trailers.

A reliable open trailer can carry everything you need to the stadium, including the grill, coolers, cooking supplies, decorations, chairs, tents, and whatever else you need for the occasion. But their utility (see what we did there?) doesn’t stop there. Their raised platform serves as a perfect place to host a tailgate party. Not only does it literally raise you above the competition, it puts your display, well, on display. Plus, you can make better use of your tailgating space by designating the trailer bed for any number of activities: food station, lounging pad, touchdown celebrations?

But first things first, the food!

What’s the best way to anyone’s heart? Okay, other than donning their favorite player’s jersey and covering your face in the team’s colors, it’s through food. For you to take the throne as tailgate royalty, you’ll need to bring the goods. May we suggest a few of our own favorites?

Nacho Wings

You read that right-nachos and wings together at last. Not only are these dishes classics on their own should you have excess ingredients, they’re easy enough to prepare before loading up the utility trailer.

Pizza Burgers

We’ve done it again! Two staples that have been brought together to quench the appetites of sports fans everywhere. Well, in the parking lot, to be specific.

Jalapeno-Mustard Dipping Sauce

Okay, so this isn’t a full meal without the actual chicken, but that’s not going to stop you, right? It’s a good thing there are a million (more or less) restaurants and grocery stores that can supply you with ready-made tenders you can use with this addictive dipping sauce. The best part? It’s INCREDIBLY easy to prepare.

Bacon-Bourbon Brownies with Pecans

Yep, it’s dessert time. And we’re not shying away from a little prep time. You already know the date of the game and the location (we’re guessing row 27, space 35, next to the mini-stadium with corn hole and free sunglasses), so you’ve got some time to bake the best sweets.

As always, you can ask guests to bring the guacamole, seven-layer dips, and assorted beverages.

Prepare for a classic gameday scenario

While you hope for a sunny day when it comes to your tailgate party, you know the all-time great sports moments always seem to happen in the thick of a snowstorm or during torrential downpours. So, don’t take your utility trailer to the stadium without ensuring some preparations are on-board. What do we mean by preparations? Glad you asked:

Tarps – Great for protecting your space from rain and snow in a pinch.

Ropes – High winds can really ruin a party. Attach your tents and chairs to one end-then the other to your utility trailer’s D-rings or side rails-and your stuff should make it back home again.

First aid kit – With debris and rowdy fans-anything can happen. So, best come with a med kit.

Ponchos/Layers – You’ve got the space, so pack weather-appropriate clothing in a footlocker or bag, then store it on the trailer for ‘just in case’ scenarios.

Extension cords – Less about weather and more about location. If you need to hook your TV or radio up to a generator or available outlet, you’ll need one.

Snow shovel – Expecting heavy snow? The party won’t stop if you’re prepared to do some shoveling every now and then to keep the space dry.

Tent – Canopy tents are commonplace these days, and there’s good reason for it. Some are large enough to cover the entire trailer bed so you can avoid downpours or intense summer heat. Many tents offer roll down sidewalls, so if you’re going the tent route, you might as well. And if you do, grab some tent weights so you don’t send the tent to the other side of the asphalt in a gust of wind.

While utility trailers ensure you can bring a wide variety of items, check the stadium rules beforehand. If you want to experience the best, make sure to prepare for the worst.

The more pieces of flair, the better

Like your favorite family restaurant, your tailgate trailer should be decked out with the best flair---or at least the most eye-catching. This way, people can’t help but take notice, take interest, and join the festivities---rival team or not. But, this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank:

Balloons – Easy to find, fill, and string up around the utility trailer’s exterior. Plus, who doesn’t love a good balloon? Mylar balloons are extra impressive if you’ve got the extra few bucks per balloon.

Flags – Odds are your team has a flag you can represent at your tailgate party. So don’t hesitate to let everyone know which team you’re backing.

Streamers – Not reserved for birthday parties, these can be wrapped (in your team colors) around the utility trailer to designate that space as THE place to be.

Outdoor games – Corn hole is a sure-fire hit at any tailgating experience. And while it’s not technically flair, it will still draw a competitive crowd.

Speakers – Again, not flair, but a must-have if you want to keep an ear on the game… which is the whole point of tailgating, right?

That’s it for now, but if you’re ready to greet gameday in style, contact your local Everlite dealer to find an open trailer you can rock in the parking lot.