The UT 82x16TE2: Meet Everlite’s Biggest & Baddest Utility Trailer

September 6, 2019

The benefits of a tandem-axle utility trailer, like the UT 82x16TE2, are many. Rather than relying on a single axle for jobs that require more brawn, these open trailers pack two axles, which means another set of tires to support heavier cargo loads while delivering more stable rides along the way.  

Which means, if you need to tow something, odds are you can. And, when you get on the freeway, you won’t have to worry about your cargo bouncing around thanks to the extra stability found on a tandem-axle trailer. So, aside from another axle, what else does the UT 82x16TE2 bring to the towing table? 

All the Essentials

The UT 82x16TE2 delivers the quality that Everlite is known for, so no worries there. Yet, this open trailer offers a number of standards that make it a must-have when it comes to tougher hauls. 

Electric Brakes on Both Axles means more safety when you need to brake with a heavy cargo load.

12” High Tubular Side Rails for ensuring items that shift don’t make it past the trailer bed.

2,000-lb. Tongue Jack for heavy-duty jobs that you don’t want disconnecting when there’s strain.

Extruded Aluminum Fold Down Ramp Gate for easy loading and unloading without all the lifting.

Loop Tie Off Rings to help you strap down your cargo, whether it’s equipment, boxes, or vehicles.

ATP Fenders that protect your trailer from damage caused by debris and kick-up on the road.

And More…  

A Toy Hauler Without the Crazy Price Tag

Let’s be honest, while most people imagine their snowmobile, ATV, or other extreme toys sitting inside an enclosed trailer, those very same toys were made for the outdoors. So, an open trailer is just what you need—without the higher price tag. “But what about my motorcycle?” This low-profile toy hauler can accommodate even the largest bikes on their way to and from that next big rally in South Dakota. And, with some D-Rings and straps, all you’ll want to bring along is a quality cover in case it rains. 

Just the same, contractors and landscapers love a good utility trailer like the UT 82x16TE2 because of its ability to haul large lawnmowers and construction equipment without the Tetris game of loading and unloading things in the back of the trailer. Plus, not bogging down on the road is a pretty big deal, too.  

And don’t worry, strength isn’t the only thing this open trailer delivers. This hauler makes home life easy for those who work on the farm, as tractors are no problem for the heavy-duty build. But, it’s not just smoke and mirrors. Thanks to the 3-piece integrated A-frame and 5” double hollow tube aluminum main frame, the UT 82x16TE2 can handle a hard day’s work. Plus, the 7’ x 16’ bed leaves you with more than enough room to pull your most essential equipment without worrying about running out of room. 

Popular Options You Can Add to Everlite Open Trailers Include:

  • Bi-Fold Ramp Gate
  • ST205/75R15 Radial Spare Tire on Silver Rim
  • ST205/75R15 Radial Tire Upgrade on Aluminum Rim
  • Extra Loop Tie Off Ring
  • 5,000-lb. Recessed Floor D-Ring
  • Extruded Aluminum Floor
  • ATP Lined Side Rails 

Three Versatile Tandem-Axle Utility Trailers to Choose From

In addition to the largest of them all, the 82x16, Everlite offers two more heavy haulers to deliver more freedom in your hauling style. Maybe you don’t need a lot of space, but still want the performance that comes with a tandem-axle trailer? Well, you’re in luck. 


A tandem axle utility trailer like the UT 78x14TE2 will carry heavier payloads and offer more stability, especially on highways and long journeys. At 6.5’ x 14’, this model can transport motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles, yet maintain a lower profile for parking and turning than larger trailers. 

Check Out the UT 78x14TE2 


Less prone to sway than a single axle trailer, the UT 82x14TE2 is an aluminum open trailer that offers a lot of room for cargo, plus the strength and stability of two axles. A perfect mid-range tandem-axle trailer for those who need the room, but also need some room to maneuver.   

Take a Look at the UT 82x14TE2 

Visit an Everlite dealer near you to check out the UT 82x16TE2.