November 1, 2017


An open trailer can make your life easier, whether you haul for business, pleasure, or home use. But, the standard trailer is just the beginning. With options and customizations, you can make your utility trailer into the perfect transport for your needs.

There are two main ways to customize your already lightweight trailer: dealer options and DIY add-ons.


Everlite open trailers already come with many desirable features as standard equipment. In addition to the sturdy three-piece tube integrated A-frame, double hollow tube aluminum main frame, and tube aluminum crossmembers, you’ll find: 

  • A 2-5/16 Coupler (tandem axle models)
  • 12” High Tubular Side Rails and Tubular Top Rail
  • All Led Lights—Tail and Clearance for Excellent Visibility
  • An Aluminum Fold-Down Gate Ramp for Easy Loading
  • Loop Tie-Off Rings to Keep Your Load Steady
  • 15” Radial Tires

To That Standard Equipment You Can Any of The Following Options:

  • Bi-Fold Ramp Gate—Great for When You Need an Extended Ramp
  • Extra Loop Tie-Off Ring—Handy for Making a Bulky Load Extra Secure
  • 5,000 Lb. Recessed Floor D-Ring—Provides Extra Security for Heavy Loads
  • Extruded Aluminum Floor—Provides Extra Strength and Durability
  • ATP Lined Side Rails—For Extra Cargo Protection
  • Radial Spare Tire—Just in Case


Many experienced owners add their own upgrades to aluminum utility trailers, customizing them to their needs. If you’re even a little handy, you can make many of these changes at a low cost.

PVC Pipe
When you use your open trailer to carry building supplies or lawn care tools, PVC piping is your friend. Using different diameters and lengths, PVC piping makes an excellent lightweight storage compartment. 

  • Attached parallel to the trailer bed with electrical conduit straps and nuts, it will hold thin strips of metal, wood molding, and other long, thin items. Glue an end cap to one end and secure the contents from the other end with a removable end cap.
  • Install the PVC pipe perpendicular to the trailer bed and use it to hold shovels, rakes, and other long-handled tools. Be sure to drill a drainage hole near the bottom of each pipe. 

Basic building skills will help you contain and organize your trailer cargo. 

  • Construct higher side panels for your open trailer with plywood or wood planks (the latter give a nice look).
  • Create a grid for the floor of your trailer with 2x4s, to separate small cargo items and keep them from sliding around.
  • Build a frame to the interior dimensions of the interior, with corner posts sticking up. Add a lightweight frame on top and a waterproof tarp, and you’ve got shelter for camping.
  • Use 2x4s to build a bike rack. You need a simple frame with a bar across the front (height determined by the size of the bikes). Or, attach a horizontal 2x4 to the sides of the trailer (assuming the height is right). Hook the front wheel over the bar and secure them with a bungee cord. Strap down the rear wheels.

A few well-placed D-rings, hooks, or cleats will help protect your cargo. Attach them around the perimeter of the trailer and use them to secure a cargo net or waterproof tarp.

These are just a few of the ways you can customize your open utility trailer. Visit an Everlite dealer to find the best utility trailer, options, and ideas for how to get the most out of your trailer experience.