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December 1, 2017


Open utility trailers and enclosed utility trailers each have advantages and disadvantages. Which one you choose ultimately comes down to how you intend to use your trailer, and personal preference. To help you decide, we’ve laid out each of their advantages.

Open Utility Trailer Advantages:

Visibility. There’s no doubt you can see around and behind you better when hauling an open trailer. Though mirrors and experience will help you maneuver an enclosed trailer, if you’re new to trailer hauling or if you’re concerned about having clear sightlines while driving, an open trailer offers more visibility.

Speaking of visibility, you can also see what you’re hauling. If a piece of equipment looks like it’s falling over or needs some adjustment, you’ll notice it right away and can stop and fix it. If it’s in an enclosed trailer, you won’t know until you reach your destination and can check inside.

Weight. Even if you haul heavy cargo, a lightweight utility trailer offers an advantage, simply because it doesn’t have the walls, roof, and heft of an enclosed trailer. A lighter haul means you save on fuel, increase the ease of maneuverability, and have more leeway in the type of towing vehicle you need.

Versatility. The height and shape of your haul matters less when it comes to utility trailer dimensions: as long as you can strap it down (and cover with a tarp, if necessary), you’re good to go. With an enclosed trailer, what you can haul is limited by the enclosed trailer dimensions.

Easier to load and access. With its open top and low sides, you can often grab what you need from a utility trailer just by reaching in. Loading is easier, too, because you can load from the gate or each side, rather than by the gate ramp only. This convenience is especially helpful if you have a crew, as they can access the trailer from different points, rather than waiting for other crew members to come in and out.

Better for hauling debris. If you’re using your trailer for landscaping or other tasks where you will haul debris, an open trailer is your best bet. It’s easier to load, empty and clean than an enclosed trailer.

Price. If price is a big consideration for you, then the open utility trailer is your choice. Almost all utility trailers will cost less than an enclosed trailer of comparable size.

Enclosed Utility Trailer Advantages:

Protection from elements. Though you can protect cargo in an open trailer with tarps, if you really want to keep it from rain, snow, and road debris, an enclosed trailer may be the way to go.

Security. Enclosed cargo trailers offer more security than open trailers, simply because by nature they hide what’s inside and can be locked. When security is paramount—especially if you need to stop along your route or leave your trailer at a job site overnight—an enclosed trailer is probably best.

Storage. You can use an enclosed trailer as a storage shed or office when not on the road—hitched or unhitched.

Often the best way to decide between an enclosed or open trailer is to check them out in person. Visit an Everlite dealer to find the best utility trailer, options, and ideas for how to get the most out of your open trailer experience.