Everlite Trailers Trailer News


January 2, 2018


Cleaning and maintaining your aluminum Everlite trailer will add to its service life and keep it looking good for years to come. In fact, when it comes to utility trailers, many people choose an aluminum trailer because the material combines strength and durability with a lightweight frame to make for easier hauling. In addition to its rust resistance, Everlite’s aluminum utility trailers are built with all-aluminum tube frame construction, and a 3-piece tube integrated A-frame. 

Below, you’ll find a few quick cleaning tips to help you maintain your trailer for the long haul:


It’s easy to clean an aluminum open trailer. To remove everyday dirt and grime from cargo and the road, just use soap and water. Hose the trailer down with water, apply soap with a long-handled scrub brush or mop, and rinse it off. For heavy-duty cleaning—if you carry landscape materials or yard waste, or your trailer gets covered in mud—employ a power washer and detergent to help get the aluminum clean.

A characteristic of aluminum is that it forms a strong bond with the oxygen in the air. Although this reaction doesn’t harm the aluminum’s strength or structure—in fact, it’s a plus—it can cause the metal to become discolored or dull. To maintain its original appearance, periodically treat and polish your aluminum trailer after washing.

After you rinse your trailer and let it dry, apply polish in the form of paste, foam, or spray to a small area. Rub it in with a rag, then, while the polish is still wet, use another rag or a buffer to buff the area. Continue the process over the trailer until all the aluminum has been treated.

You can always stop at this point, but you can extend the time between each polish by applying a coat or two of paste wax.

You can’t stop oxidation altogether, so eventually you’ll need to do more than clean and polish to keep the aluminum shiny. Note that restoring luster isn’t necessary to the trailer’s function, and you may not care if the trailer is frequently used for especially dirty and rugged jobs. However, if you prefer the like-new finish or want to spiff up your trailer to sell it, you’ll need to give it an acid bath.

Both hydrofluoric acid and citrus cleaners can be used to remove oxidation and restore shine. Caution: hydrofluoric acid can cause burns and damage painted parts of the aluminum. If you prefer this option, consider taking your trailer to a truck washing business where they offer acid washing services for aluminum trailers. Citrus cleaners are less harsh, which makes them safer for you and paint, so they are more conducive to DIY maintenance. 

Follow these easy maintenance tips and your trailer will look good and last a long time. Or, if you’re looking for a new one altogether, just visit an Everlite dealer to find the best utility trailer for your needs.