5 Home Renovation Ideas from Everlite Trailers

May 14, 2018

With housing starts and sales rising, many opportunities for renovators and handymen are growing, too. Keeping up with the times, Everlite Trailers has put together a list of five remodeling ideas that provide opportunities for businesses, as well as tips for choosing an open trailer to handle a wide range of remodeling jobs. 

1. One of the hottest home renovation trends is making homes accessible for seniors. Because seniors prefer to stay in their homes and “age in place” rather than move to a facility, adapting their homes is big business. For the remodeler or handyman, this can mean widening doors and hallways to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs, installing ramps, changing traditional lighting switches to motion-detecting or timed devices, renovating bathrooms to include grab bars and walk-in showers, and installing motorized stair lifts.

2. Organizing and decluttering. Everyone’s trying to get rid of their stuff, or at least trying to get to a place where they’re able to find what they have. So, opportunities for the home renovator or handyman include junk removal, building and assembling shelves and cubbies, and remodeling or building closets and cupboards.

3. Roof decks. Instead of spreading out, many people—city and suburban dwellers alike—are adding a roof deck to their homes. For them, it’s a great way to create outdoor space for enjoying sunsets, the skyline, or for growing a container garden.

4. New construction upgrades. When owners build a home, they often opt for contractor’s grade surfaces and finishes to save money or because they’re not sure what they want. Later, they hire a renovator or handyman to add crown moldings, paint the walls, and install high-end countertops and fixtures. With new housing starts ticking up, opportunities for your business are rising, too.

5. Open shelving. In keeping with open floorplan living, many homeowners, especially younger ones, are looking to remove upper cabinets in their kitchens and replace them with open shelving. Open shelving lets in more light and contributes to the spacious, open feeling today’s homeowners crave. Many turn to the professionals to remove and dispose of the old, heavy cabinetry and install new shelving. 



When you’re going from job to job, Everlite utility trailers make it easy to haul your tools, equipment, and supplies. With an open trailer, you can easily transport tall or bulky items like tub surrounds, plywood sheets, and appliances. Plus, when you choose an aluminum trailer from Everlite, you have a variety of models to choose from, depending on the type of cargo you’re looking to carry. 

  • If you typically do handyman work for customers, you might choose a single-axle utility trailer such as the Everlite UT60X10SI2. At 5’ wide and 10’ long, you have enough room to haul junk and debris, carry 8’ sheets of plywood or pieces of lumber, your tools, and small appliances or fixtures such as a bathroom sink and vanity. 
  • As a contractor, if you need to haul large, heavy appliances, a generator and tools, plus the types of materials listed above, you probably need one of Everlite’s more heavy-duty open utility trailers; a tandem axle model with more square feet of payload space, such as the UT78X12SI2. 

Both single- and tandem-axle trailers come in a range of widths and lengths, so you can get as much—or as little—utility trailer as you need.

Your Everlite Trailer dealer will be happy to help you match the payload capacity with your tow vehicle and typical payload, plus answer any of your questions to make sure you have the right open utility trailer to take advantage of all your burgeoning business opportunities.