How to Score Big at Flea Markets (and Haul Your Finds)

July 31, 2018

Everlite Trailers Offers Flea Market Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Summer and fall are the best times to visit flea markets, when the weather is fine and traveling from one to another is enjoyable. It’s fun to browse, but if you’re a serious buyer—or want to be a seller—Everlite Trailers offers these tips:

Flea market tips for buyers:
Time your arrival. Conventional wisdom says: go early for the best choice, late for the best prices. But the pros know, if you really want the very best goods, get there before the flea market opens. That’s when you can beat the competition and score top finds as vendors unload for the day.

Look frugal. Don’t advertise your flea market savvy and ability to pay big bucks by dressing fancy. You’ll do better at haggling if you look presentable, but not well-heeled.

Cash is king. Yes, with smart technology many vendors now take cards or electronic payments. But most still prefer cash—and physical currency will often get you a better price.

Make a list. Stay focused and avoid impulse buys by jotting down the pieces you want most (and if you’re looking for furniture, make a note of room and doorway measurements, too).

Get a map or stall list. Most established flea markets will publish a directory of vendors and a map of the market on paper, online, or both. You’ll shop more efficiently if you know where to go.

Be prepared to take your finds home. You don’t want to pass up the perfect piece just because you can’t fit it in your trunk. An open trailer is perfect, because you can haul a variety of sizes and widths, load it up the ramp, and tie it down (with tarps, if necessary) safely for the trip back.

Flea market tips for vendors:
Do some reconnaissance. Search for “flea markets near me” and swap meets in your area to see what people are selling, get the layout of the field, and assess the clientele. While you’re there, get info on how booths are assigned, how much they cost, and any rules vendors must follow—such as what type of merchandise is and is not allowed, permitting, etc.

Pay attention to trends. Watch current decorating and collecting TV shows, see what has sold on online auction sites, and check out magazines, websites, blogs, etc. to catch the latest trends. Include some of these sought-after items in your merchandise. 

Shelter your booth from the sun and rain. You’ll be more comfortable, your merchandise will be protected, and shoppers will seek out your booth to escape the elements. 

Build up a following. If you’re going into the flea market “business,” even part time, use social media to tell people where to find you, your latest merchandise, etc.

Make sure you have all your supplies. Depending on the venue and what you sell, you may need tables, a pop-up canopy, dolly, stackable tubs, display stands, wrapping materials, and signs.

Have a way to haul it. An open utility trailer in combination with a pick-up truck or van will give you lots of space and flexibility to haul your merchandise and supplies. With a ramp and tie-downs, you can load and secure odd sizes easily and safely drive them to your next destination.

At Everlite, you can choose from single axle and tandem axle open trailers in a variety of width and length combinations. Everlite’s all-aluminum frame utility trailers offer sturdy, lightweight transportation that’s inexpensively priced and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

There are plenty of Everlite trailers for sale to help you make the best of your next flea market excursion, so visit your local Everlite Trailers dealer to find out more.