Harvest Time: 5 Uses for an Open Utility Trailer When It Comes to Fall Work

September 25, 2018

Fall is the perfect time to own an open utility trailer, for work or recreation. From farm and garden chores to an autumn harvest display to mini hay rides, utility trailers of every size can make your life easier and more enjoyable. Everlite Trailers offers five ways to use them this fall:

1. Fall cleanup. Removing leaves, brush, and spent plants from your yard or garden is a lot of work. But, you can haul more and make fewer trips to the yard waste center when you can pile it all into a utility trailer and pull it with your truck or SUV. Have several acres? Pull your utility trailer with a small tractor to the compost area.

2. Moving fall plantings. Even if your produce is spent for the season, fall is a great time for garden chores, whether it’s to plant or move trees, shrubs, or autumn annuals. The cooler temperatures and rainfall allow them to take root better, and by next spring, perennials will be more established and hardier. 

3. Take your harvest to market. It’s so much easier to take your flowers, squash, pumpkins, and homemade goods to farmers markets and festivals when you can tow it all in a utility trailer. Or, use the trailer as your roadside display and farm stand on your own property.

4. Move machinery. These days, most people use some machinery to mow lawns, dig holes, and make other yard and small farm improvements. An open trailer makes getting that machinery and other tools from point A to point B on your property—or to the repair shop—so much easier.

5. Play and display. What’s better than a trailer stocked with hay bales, pumpkins, corn stalks, and a few rambunctious kids? When the chores are done, deck out the trailer with iconic autumn staples and take photos or pull the kids around the property on a hay ride (supervised, of course).

Everlite Trailers come in a variety of sizes. Whether you use it in the country or the suburbs, there is one to meet your needs. Find out how an open utility trailer can help you with your fall garden work or yard work by contacting one of our Everlite Trailer dealers.