UT 66x8SI2

Utility Trailer

Utility Trailer

Everlite’s Medium-sized Utility Trailers Make Hauling a Breeze

Everlite’s UT 66x8SI2 is always ready and able to get you and your cargo where you need to go. Load it up with tools, machines, sporting gear, furniture—the lightweight, but tough frame and ample cargo room can handle it. This single-axle trailer is built with a sturdy 3-piece integrated aluminum tube A-frame, 4-inch tube aluminum main frame, and tube aluminum crossmembers. With a 5.5’x8’ bed size, you can carry a lot of cargo and still have easy maneuverability.  

Standard features include 12”-high tubular side rails, a tubular top rail, and an extruded aluminum fold-down ramp gate for easy access, loading and unloading. Add to that standard 15” radial tires, EZ lube hubs, 5/4”x6” treated decking for added support, and all-LED lights for maximum visibility. Plus, Everlite backs it up with a 3-year structural warranty. Choose from options like additional loop tie off rings, a 5,000-lb. recessed floor D-ring, an extruded aluminum floor (upgraded to 16” OC crossmembers), ATP lined side rails, and a bi-fold ramp gate.

The UT 66x8SI2 makes for a great landscape trailer. It will hold your mower, rakes, edgers and blowers, as well as plants and trees. With an open trailer, height isn’t an issue. You can move furniture, appliances, and other bulky items with ease. Just use the loop tie off rings and strapping to keep everything in place while you drive. Plus, the UT 66x8SI2’s compact length makes it easy to park when you get to your delivery destination.

Visit your local Everlite dealer to see how the UT 66x8SI2 makes light hauling easy.