UT 66x10SI2

Utility Trailer

Utility Trailer

Everlite’s Open Utility Trailers – More Space on the Go

Turn to the UT 66x10SI2 when you need a little more cargo space, but don’t want to add much weight. At 5.5’-wide and 10’ in length, it offers 11-sq. ft. more space than the next size down, with only 45 more pounds of curb weight. The sturdy aluminum construction keeps our utility trailers light and agile so you can focus on your haul and get it safely to your destination.

The bed size makes the UT 66x10SI2 perfect for camping. You can load it up with gear, such as tents, sleeping bags, provisions, and bikes, as well as haul it all to your campsite. Then, unload and use the bed as a platform for your tent or keep it open as a cook space, lounging space, or a place to lay back and watch the stars. However you use them, Everlite trailers are easy to load, unload, and clean.

The UT 66x10SI2 single-axle trailer comes full of standard features, including an all-aluminum frame (A-frame, main frame, and crossmembers), a 2,000-lb. tongue jack, an extruded aluminum fold-down ramp gate, 5/4”x6” treated decking, ATP fenders, loop tie off rings, and all LED lights (tail & clearance). Plus, we backed it up with a limited 3-year structural warranty. Popular options include an extra loop tie off Ring, a 5,000-lb. recessed floor D-ring, an extruded aluminum floor (upgraded to 16” OC crossmembers), ATP lined side rails, and a bi-fold ramp gate. 

Be sure to visit your local Everlite dealer to see how much space the UT 66x10SI2 utility trailer gives you when you are on the go.